Month: March 2019


Decentralized Ecosystem to reward Gamers
KAYOCREDITS is a Decentralized ecosystem designed for gamers to earn through their skills and monetize their in-game achievements. KAYOCREDITS addresses the issue of false credentials, fraud in game assets trade and lack of escrow service for every transaction.

Thanks to you and 5133 other investors who have joined Kayocredits.

What is kayo platform?
Next generation Gamers monetization Platform

KAYO credits is a decentralized platform for gamers and users to earn money based on their skills. KAYO ecosystem is essential for Gamers to rent out their services, developers to use our tokens to gamify their websites or games and advertisers to target specific potential customers for their product or expand themselves in to gaming community through KAYO Credits.

Our ecosystem helps user in easy betting of e-sports outcomes, fair and fast in-game assets trade, monetize their skills, giving developer a platform to advertise their games and advertisers to sponsor gamers and advertise their products to a vast audience.